Get the maximum benefit respected truckload rate methods in the marketplace, with predictive statistics that will help make use of the doubt past transport.

Get the maximum benefit respected truckload rate methods in the marketplace, with predictive statistics that will help make use of the doubt past transport.

Using more than $110 billion worthy of of yearly price facts, DAT iQ life you with probably the most usually total freight price databases, to assume regular developments to make fast pricing conclusion.


DAT RateView

The industry criterion in trailer rates
  • Add on your very own gasoline to apply to the calculate with Ratecast Enhanced
  • Receive visibility in most shipping sector and every isle
  • One updated facts on location industry and acquire charge
  • Multilane records for RFP estimates

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DAT RateView

  • Analyze position and deal prices for previous 3 era
  • Correct market predictions with Ratecast
  • Multi-lane accounts for RFPs
  • Point of view a 13 calendar month forecast defined for spot and get

Information Analytics Business

Traditions understandings for business-critical steps

The DAT iQ directories incorporate in-depth old and predictive experience on every marketplace and every trucking street in the us. With info gathered from the DAT One shipping system, and also the industry-leading shipment prices observations and records art personnel, our very own custom made information Analytics facilities can tailor any report to help advise the decision making, from source and requirements knowledge for the innovative forecasting brands within Ratecast.

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Records Statistics Solutions
  • Analyze escort girl Anaheim developments that disk drive area and contract costs
  • View requirements vs. convenience of every shipping sector
  • Accept data stories or accessibility graphical exhibits
  • Determine awakening very hot industry and find seasonal styles

DAT Trendlines

Free once a week document on nationwide developments
  • Features on national medium prices for vehicles, reefers and flatbeds
  • Recaps belonging to the present and want developments from your previous days
  • Frequently cited by wall surface neighborhood magazine, Business Insider, Investment hours and a lot more
Wherea€™s your data Result From?

DAT provides the worlda€™s prominent on-demand freight swap, hooking up shippers and providers with electric motor providers.

DAT provides the worlda€™s biggest on-demand transport swap, linking shippers and carriers with motor companies. Wea€™ve furthermore made the greatest cargo charge data, gathering details from genuine money between agents, shippers, and carriers.

Relationships on these directories promote deeper insights into area market place and acquire transport fashions, such as modifications in potential, want, and price. You can expect custom-made accounts included in our DAT statistics business, or regular features on recent cargo rates fashions on DAT Trendlines and our personal shipping Talk blogs

Exactly What Makes DAT Transport Costs A Whole Lot More Trustworthy?

The Deepest records: our personal DAT RateView collection is built on over $110 billion in shipment transfers on about 68,000 lanes, with advantages from countless providers. Not one person otherwise enjoys a pricing index as deep as that a€“ and ita€™s not even shut down.

Probably the most current: instrumental employers inform us with their particular reports whenever therea€™s an interest rate arrangement. That resources is sent to us directly through their particular transportation procedures method, or directed via FTP. Any accessorials rates were up to date quickly.

Probably the most suitable: Our data links rates to 149 different critical sector aspects in The States, and customers can search that data with variables as specific because the first 3 digits on the zipcode. Other shipment rate directories accumulate critical information based on a geographic distance, which produces an inaccurate image of the rate in the industry.

Optimal procedures: our personal charges simply integrate GENUINE purchases a€“ no bids or selling price, that may skew the info. We all furthermore dona€™t depend on info from factoring agencies, which frequently comes from businesses that may have been more prepared to recognize lower costs. Our personal branded procedures additionally minimize outliers, making sure that users just create a true industry typical for a lane, though they are able to nevertheless start to see the range of price remunerated with that isle.

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